The Team

Construction is teamwork and the client is the most important team member. Choosing a professional team is not easy. PR Homes’ contract manager will liaise with the client and the professional team to gather specifications and details and is responsible for the programming of the project. All appointments and payments with sub contractors in consultation with PR Homes’ quantity surveyor is a major responsibility. Quality control and technical support is of utmost importance. The construction manager is the team motivator and above all takes full responsibility for the health and safety aspects of a contract and will where possible make your stay in your new house as pleasant as possible.

A contract manager can with ease handle six projects at a time, with the help of a project manager.

The project manager is awarded a contract that will match his abilities. The project manager will manage the labour, material and plant on site and will be responsible for direct communication with the sub contractors. Health and safety is a very important role and project managers are all qualified first aiders, fire chiefs, scaffold erectors and inspectors and play a major role to ensure we have accident free sites. Coordination and management of the program is vital. They are our problem solvers and make sure your wishes are implemented no matter what it takes. Completion of the project on time is always the top of their priority list.

Both the contract and project managers will attend meetings to make sure information is up to date and that the professional team stays informed. On every site is a dedicated person responsible for keeping the building site clean. They take pride in their work and know that first impressions are lasting. For easy identification, they wear yellow golf shirts with a PR Homes logo and their name.

Mentioning of our administrative abilities is not necessary, as it is considered one of the best. Thanks to all in the office that work behind the scenes to get the bricks and all other on site in time.

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